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"The Rainbow Fountain
Welcome to the Faerieland Rainbow Fountain, an eternal waterfall of magical Faerieland water!

Thanks for completing that quest for me - I really appreciate it. As a reward, you can go into the fountain and select a great new colour! Almost any colour you want!

Choose your colour for Flame_Athena"

Darigan PBs cost 1.4 mill. I spent 140k on her (100k on morphing potion, and 40k on quest item).

Sooooo happy!:D:D:D


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Hey, congrats. The fountain faerie is how I got my Maraquan krawk. 1 mil for the potion, then about 10k for the quest item. I got lucky. ^_^
WOW! I've never in my life gotten a FFQ. I want one soooo bad. Heh... If you'd like to be my neofriend, I'm known as greengummibearz on Neo. XD

I have a darigan pet too!, had to save up for her though :( She's currently in the beautycontest (Homilici, aisha) :D